Well, televise OR ELSE; Just a slight exaggeration as ESPN is airing the games online and on ESPN GamePlan – the network’s platform that allows fans to purchase out-of-market college football games. But both outlets reach limited audiences in Montana.

Tester, who attended the Brawl of the Wild rivalry game this past weekend, asked ESPN to look into other ways to more widely broadcast Football Championship Series (FCS) games.

“Montanans are thrilled to carry the energy of this past weekend forward as these teams look to make a run in the playoffs,” said Tester in a letter to ESPN President John Skipper.  “However, many of these folks are frustrated with the barriers to viewing the games this upcoming weekend.  As you finalize your schedules for this weekend and for the upcoming month, please consider working with regional broadcasters or cable providers to make FCS playoff games more readily available.”

Tester’s letter to ESPN President John Skipper is available online here.