NBC Montana is reporting that a search warrant was issued for a blood sample from Markus Kaarma, the man accused of fatally  shooting German exchange student Diren Dede.

The warrant, filed by Deputy Missoula County Attorney Andrew Paul, requests

"A sample of human blood to be used for testing the concentration of alcohol, dangerous drugs, or other drugs and/or intoxicating substances or a combination of the above individual, and any other evidence which reasonably relates to the crime, a motive for the crime, and/or the mental state of the offender."

The search warrant also states that detectives discovered a glass jar of marijuana in the kitchen of the Kaarma residence, and that Kaarma's wife had told a neighbor that her husband had smoked marijuana in the garage. The neighbor also said Kaarma's wife told her that burglars had stolen marijuana and marijuana pipes from the garage.

Kaarma is accused of deliberate homicide after discharging a shotgun four times into his garage, striking Diren Dede, 17, twice and causing fatal wounds. Kaarma had left his garage door open, and when Dede triggered a motion sensor inside the garage, Kaarma shot him.

Kaarma's attorney, Paul Ryan said after his justice court appearance, that Kaarma feared for the life of his wife and child, claiming he had cause to use deadly force against someone who was committing a forcible felony, citing what is commonly called 'the castle doctrine'.

Kaarma is scheduled to appear in district court on May 12.