The August issue of Outside Magazine has another big accolade for Missoula, a city the magazine says is one the "greatest places to live in America."

"You know, we try to find great places to live, where you can raise a family. A place that has that great access to the sports we like to talk about in our magazine: hiking, mountain biking fishing, canoeing, kayaking, that type of thing," said Outside Magazine Associate Editor Jonah Ogles. "When you start talking about those types of towns, Missoula is a clear front runner."

Ogles says that Missoula was chosen as one of the top 64 towns by editors and then was given an “O – Score,” a point value-ranking based on a number of interesting factors.

"We put in things like median income, median housing price, unemployment, population, number of farmers markets per capita, miles of trails per capita, miles of bike lanes, number of breweries, yoga shops, outfitters, e.t.c." Ogles said.

Missoula made it all the way to the sweet sixteen portion of the voting only to be beaten by Provo, Utah (which ultimately placed second overall). Missoula finished ninth, while Duluth, Minnesota took the top spot.