The American Society of Civil Engineers released a graded report on Montana’s infrastructure recently, and the results are "mediocre."

"[Montana] had an overall GPA of a 'C-minus,'" said Missoula-based engineer Melisssa Matassa-Stone, who was on the report card committee. "This ranged with grades that on the high end, we had a B minus in solid waste. On the low end, a 'D-minus' in school infrastructure, not the quality of education. A 'C-minus' is mediocre."

Last year the nation received a “D-minus.” Although Montana outperformed the nation, there were a few areas where the Society of Civil Engineers feel urgent attention is needed.

"What needs the most attention in the state of Montana we would say is water, waste water, and dams," Matassa-Stone said. "Those facilities are the ones that are vital across the board, especially water and waste water for community health and ones where we see among the oldest infrastructure in place where the longer we wait to invest, the more susceptible we are."

This Is the first time the American society of Civil Engineers has done a Montana state report card, but Matassa-Stone says they plan on doing one every four years, in time with Legislative sessions.