Today the U.S. Public Interest Research Group published a survey of governmental transparency for all 50 states. Montana Department of Administration spokeswoman Sheryl Olson said the 2015 grade given to Montana is a huge improvement over the grade received in 2010.

"Our grade has improved! Now we have an A- whereas we started with an F because we have so much information on that site about economic subsidies that are out there, all kinds of financial reports for local governments, contract information," Olson said. "The site is and that's where you can go and find a whole wealth of information."

Olson credits a transparency initiative by Governor Steve Bullock for the improvements.

"So in his first state of the state address in 2013, he announced it, and the next day we opened this website," Olson said. "Bullock had made it clear to us that it had to be done and it would be a shining star of his new administration."

Overall, Montana was ranked as the 11th most transparent state with a 92 percent grade. Ohio received a perfect score, while California ranked dead last.