Around 11:00 p.m. Saturday evening, a Missoula Police officer pulled over a young man by the name of Tristan Kammerer at the intersection of Mount and Russell after Kammerer reportedly failed to yield and almost caused a wreck.Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says Kammerer committed more crimes after being pulled over.

“During the course of the time that the officer was writing out citations for the driver, the driver decided to put the car in gear and leave the area of the stop at a high rate of speed. The vehicle traveled north bound, eventually getting on the interstate and continuing east, when the officer discontinued his pursuit.”

Welsh said Kammerer turned himself in to authorities this morning, Monday, August 24.

“Since then that young driver has turned himself in,” Welsh said. “He has appeared in court and he has been issued citations ranging from failure to yield, no insurance, no registration, and suspended driver’s license… the original reasons for the stop, as well as the added charges of reckless eluding and obstructing a peace officer during an investigation.”

According to Welsh, Kammerer was going at such a high rate of speed that the pursuing officer stopped the chase because of the risks involved. Police were confident they could locate Kammerer because he sped off without his identification.