Flu season is in full swing. In a matter of just four days, instances of flu in Missoula County have more than doubled and the disease is expected to keep strong for many more weeks."We have seen numbers increase, [on January 4,] we we're at about 95 cases or so, that's up from about 40 at the end of December," said Missoula City-County Health Department Infectious Diseasse Nurse, Colleen Morris. . Usually flu season goes till about the end of March, but January tends to be one of the higher months."

Morris says that it is important that people take proper precautions.

"The first thing that we recommend people do is to get vaccinated, that's the most important thing for influenza protection," Morris said. "Then the next steps would be to wash your hands a lot especially if you're out in public places, to cover your cough, and to stay at home if you're sick."

So far, the flu has spread more quickly than it did during the same time last year.

Colleen Morris: