Sunday is April Fools Day...insert joke here....but I put together my favorite top 10 pranks. Feel free to use them, just not on me!!!

10- Stretch a balloon over someones tailpipe, when they start the car it will blow up and pop.

9-  Put food coloring in the hand soap dispenser.

8-  Paint the tip of someones pen with clear nail polish so it wont write.

7-  Fill someones blow dryer with baby powder.

6-  Add food coloring to someones windshield washer fluid.

5-  Switch around random keys on someones key board.

4-  Replace the Oreo cookie filling with toothpaste.

3-  Dip the filter tip of someones cigarettes in orajel so their lips go numb.

2-  Leave a note on someones car apologizing for an accident that didn't happen.

And #1-  Rubber band the kitchen sink sprayer into the "on" position.

Have Fun....