It can get a bit rough and tumble in the online comments sections at your favorite websites. So much so, some sites have restricted them or gotten rid of them altogether. But now there is actually a magazine out there that celebrates them, called Post Comment Below, created by designer Kelli Miller and writer Kendra Eash.

From their website:

Comments and opinions are dumped into its data centers every day. But we’ve carefully sifted through the stream to preserve some samples. It’s a record of the mundane. It’s a snapshot of Internet conversation. It’s a time capsule for the digital age.

Random Comment Collected:

'Heath Iglesias (iglesias) wrote:

I love the census. For me, I suppose it’s more about what it can do for future generations. The census can be just fascinating to look at. I’ve spent hours looking through census logs in my town and at the local historical musueum here in town. Yes, I fill out the census, (to paraphrase Kennedy) not for what my country can do for me, but for what I can do for my country and future historians.'

Do you spend more time reading the 'comment section' than you do the story associated with them?