Today via video message, Montana’s U.S. Congressman, Ryan Zinke, and his wife, Lola Zinke, welcomed His Holiness Pope Francis to the U.S. Capitol. Also a Catholic, whose family immigrated to the U.S. from Peru, Mrs. Zinke took the opportunity to welcome His Holiness in his native language of Spanish.

“With so many important issues ranging from abortion to the persecution of Christians in the Middle East topping the newspapers, folks are excited that his Holiness Pope Francis is addressing Congress and the American people. While I am Lutheran, and Montanans represent many faiths, I think it’s widely understood that the Pope will deliver a thoughtful perspective into many of the important issues we face together as a global community. I asked my wife Lola if she would accompany me, both because she is my wife and partner who I share a deep spiritual bond with, and also because she is born, raised and lives her life Catholic. I’m looking forward to sharing this experience with her.” - Rep. Ryan Zinke

Federal employees have been encouraged by the Office of Personnel Management to telecommute on Thursday to reduce the traffic and metro gridlock.


Rep. Ryan Zinke: Hi I'm Congressman Ryan Zinke with my wife, Lola, and we'd like to send a heartfelt welcome to his holiness Pope Francis.

Mrs. Lola Zinke (En Español): Quiero agradecerte del fondo de mi corazón tu esfuerzo de incluir a todos los Católicos en la Iglesia otra vez. En esta época tan peligrosa y violenta, es importante saber que la iglesia Católica esta aquí para todo la gente. Espero que tu viaje aquí sea muy lindo y bienvenido a Estados Unidos.

Mrs. Lola Zinke (translated): I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, your efforts to be inclusive to all Catholics in the church again. In these days that are so dangerous and violent it's important to know that the Catholic church is here for all people. I hope your trip goes well and welcome to the United States!