With the biggest shopping long weekend of the year underway Thanksgiving (!??!!?!) and our addiction to debt and spending continuing to be a problem, here's an in-depth analysis of 2014’s States with the Biggest Spenders. (click link below)

So, who's blowing the most cash? Here's what Wallet Hub says about Montana!

Spending in Montana (1=Biggest; 25=Avg.)
4th – Personal Expenditure on Food & Beverages
4th – Personal Expenditure on Gasoline & Other Energy Goods
7th – Personal Expenditure on Housing & Utilities
15th – Personal Expenditure on Health Care
8th – Personal Expenditure on All Other Consumption
5th – Number of Cars per Household
22nd – Annual Consumer Savings Account Averages
21st – Average Home Square Footage
Note: Spending, savings and debt figures are adjusted by income and cost of living.

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