Bozeman businessman Greg Gianforte raised a record $255,000 in the first six weeks of his potential bid for Montana governor.

My wife Susan and I are simply overwhelmed by the support we are receiving from our fellow Montanans all across the state.  As I talk with folks all across Montana, they are tired of seeing our kids leave the state due to a lack of good paying jobs.  We raised all four of our kids here in Montana, and keeping our kids and your kids here in Montana with high wage jobs is my number one priority.

Gianforte, the founder of RightNow Technologies, the business he and his wife started in their Bozeman, Montana home.  He ended up creating over 500 direct jobs in Bozeman with an average salary of nearly $90,000 a year.  Just last year, 40% of the wage growth in Montana came from Gallatin County alone.

Despite the wage growth in Gallatin County, Montana still ranks very poorly in wages, highlighting the need for change and a proven, results-oriented business leader like Greg Gianforte in the capitol.