(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)


The Fourth of July is one of the deadliest holidays of the year due to alcohol-impaired driving crashes. Law Enforcement in Gallatin County will be stepping up traffic patrols to help keep travelers safe. This holiday season the Montana Highway Patrol, Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office, Bozeman Police Department and the Belgrade Police Department will be working together to help insure the safety of travelers in Gallatin County.

This Fourth of July officers will be showing zero tolerance for impaired drivers and will be working together stop Drinking and Driving.

Here are a few safety reminders:

Designate a Driver. Before the fun begins, know who will be the sober driver.

Arrange for a Pick Up. The designated driver doesn’t have to be at the party, as long as he/she is willing to drop off and pick up party goers.

Buckle Up. Every trip, every time – even for short distances.

Keep Ride Options on Speed Dial. Be it a taxi, friend, neighbor, or parent; have that go-to number programed in your phone.

Use A Ride Home Program.

Plan Your Own Ride Program. As a party host, have a plan with taxis or designated drivers to get your guests home safely.

Plan to Spend the Night. Crashing on a couch is better than crashing a car. If you’re going to a house party, why not spend the night?

Call a Taxi.