When asked why? Because we can is the correct answer!

The 12th annual Dummy Jump happens Saturday, February 21 at Big Sky Resort. Build your dummy to be launched off a ski jump, into the air, and crowds witness the carnage of the landing. The awards ceremony will immediately follow with an after party.

Teams are encouraged to design, build and modify a dummy competitor that will ski in a straight line and launch off a ski jump to their demise. Contestants must design their dummies with modesty in mind for the younger audience in attendance, and leave no trace. Successful dummies have balance, low center of gravity and straight long skis. The better a dummy self-destructs on impact, the better chance of winning.

The dummy launches will commence at 2:30pm on the Ambush headwall to the viewing delight of spectators and the judges at the bottom of Ambush near the base area. Each dummy receives one run as they are individually shoved out of the starting gate toward a large jump with a dismount onto a flat landing zone to get closest to the bull’s eye.

Visit www.bigskyresort.com/events for rules and more information