I have written and rewritten this story, introduction, so many times; Trying to get it right. It will never be right. I can't write it as it's not my story to tell; it's Dulcie Klusman's to tell.

I can only add the part I played in bringing it to your attention, do with it what you will:

Dulcie came into my orbit via a co-worker, when emailed:

Subject: Want to interview a Nazi Enigma Codebreaker who lives in Bozeman?

Well, the answer was YES.

That reply opened the door to a wonderful world and insight into Dulcie Klusman. Today she lives in an assisted situation, over the age of 90, I was invited to ask her about her time at Bletchley Park - At the height of World War II, Bletchley Park was the British center of code breaking; widely acknowledged for cracking the Nazi Enigma Code at a rate far surpassing any other attempts.

Please understand, the odds on breaking the German codes were apparently 1:159 million. Million!

I simply asked the questions. Enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

As an addendum: I've interviewed many, many 'famous' people. I've never felt the 'weight' of an interview until this conversation with Dulcie. How do I get this right, what else can she tell me, what CAN she tell me. Will she tell anybody else? I feel if she speaks with no one else, people will know Dulcie Klusman because you listened.


Chris Griffin