Gallatin County has an awesome Crisis Intervention Team, the county along with the Hope House, do amazing things that I sure didnt know about. I do now.

What is it?

The Gallatin County Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is an innovative police based first responder program based on what has become nationally known as the “Memphis Model” of pre-arrest jail diversion for those in a mental illness crisis. This program provides law enforcement based crisis intervention training for helping those individuals with mental illness. Involvement in CIT is voluntary and based in the patrol division of the police department. In addition, CIT works in partnership with those in mental health care to provide a system of services that is friendly to the individuals with mental illness, family members, and the police officers.

Outcome research has shown CIT to be effective in developing positive perceptions and increased confidence among police officers; providing very efficient crisis response times; increasing jail diversion among those with mental illness; improving the likelihood of treatment continuity with community based providers; and impacting psychiatric symptomatology for those suffering from a serious mental illness as well as substance abuse disorders. This was all accomplished while significantly decreasing police officer injury rates.

CIT Pt 1

CIT Pt 2