After two men attempted to take some stolen copper wire to Missoula’s Pacific Steel recycling center on Tuesday, they ended up getting caught red handed with loot from multiple local crimes. Missoula County sheriff’s office spokeswoman Paige Pavalone explains what happened when deputies caught up with the thieves near the Town Pump in Bonner.

"Deputies confronted both of the gentlemen and subsequent investigation found that they were responsible, not only for the stolen copper wire, but they were also responsible for the break-in at the Bonner Post Office, a stolen bicycle at the Town Pump  and various other thefts throughout Missoula County," Pavalone said.

The men led deputies to a pile of stolen goods that they had discarded in Council Grove State Park. Investigators are still trying to figure out just how many crimes are involved.

"It was kleptomania," Pavalone said. "They would grab things in the middle of day light, break into anything every single day, it was just incessant thievery. Things that were recovered, that were just dumped include binoculars, a wireless radio collar for wildlife, they ditched shoes there, tools, cutters, loopers, different CD players, face plates, CDs, basically anything they could get their hands on and they did this since they got to Missoula about a month ago."

The men had frequently parked their Winnebago (pictured above) in the Missoula Walmart parking lot and at the Town Pump in Bonner. Pavalone says that many of the stolen items have not yet been reported or claimed, and that anyone who suspects they have been burglarized should check in with the Sheriff’s Department.

The two men responsible for the burglaries reportedly met at a correctional facility in Tacoma, Washington and traveled to the Missoula area at the beginning of June.