I ask this mundane question from a very personal place: Condolences on the Internet, is there a sincere way to do that? My best friend through high school and early college lost his father Sunday. He was an amazing human: chiropractor to the Pittsburgh Ballet and to Steelers players.

I found out about is via Facebook, our relationship was renewed via Facebook and our continuing friendship is Facebook. Yet I find it, on many levels, disturbing when people "LIKE" my thoughts of condolence. It's an emotional feeling of loss, and "like" is the best way to express approval?

I know these people are liking the sentiment expressed share it with me, but "like" seems almost hurtful. Twitter is no better with the "favorite" option.

I'm still working all this out and trying to be respectful of the loss, without calling.

Can you offer any insight on how to move forward?