Grizzly Bear Hunt May Happen In The Fall
We may not be able to hunt grizzly bear's in Montana, but Wyoming may permit it. According to the Associated Press. It would be the first grizzly bear hunt in over 40 years. The animal was put on the federal endangered species list in 1975.
Gianforte Upset About President Trumps Tariffs
Congressman Greg Gianforte released the following statement today in response to the order on aluminum and steel tariffs:

“I’ve been reaching out to Montana farmers, ranchers, value-added manufacturers, and other ag leaders, and they’re concerned. These tariffs are a bad idea, …
Free, Fair, Smart Trade Is Good For America & Montana
Senator Steve Daines is backing President Trump on tariffs

“I support the President’s efforts to make better trade deals for the American worker,” said Daines. “I am relieved he has more narrowly tailored our trade sanctions, than originally proposed, however, I remain …

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