It's a story we know all to well here in Montana, Spring and Summer can mean wildfires. Down Under, that time is now. I've been quietly watching this story for a day or so now and thought I'd share it with you tonight.

(Photo by Brett Hemmings/Getty Images)

I spent three of the greatest weeks of my life in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales Australia a few years back. They're called the 'Blue' mountains because of the surrounding eucalyptus forest. You fall asleep in your tent with that smell just filling your head... And awake in the morning fog, that has a slightly but detectible blue tint. The hiking, climbing and general experience is just one of those things I would never forget.

It was about this time of year as well and I remember it being cold, so cold that I filled my water bottles with boiling water from the campground kitchen to throw into my sleeping bag to stay warm.

I somehow feel that things are different this year and my thoughts are with the friends I made and remain in contact with in the area. Keep safe my friends!