New ‘Superbug’ Strain of Gonorrhea Resists Antibiotics
Gonorrhea, a bacterial sexually transmitted infection, used to be easily treated with antibiotics. But now, a "superbug" strain of the STD has been found in Japan and scientists fear it could become a global public health threat.
"Since antibiotics became the standard treatment for gon…
Japan’s Nuclear Crisis Still Worsening
Japan's nuclear crisis continues to grow more dire. The rating of the exposure has been raised from 5 to 7 and is at the highest level we've seen from a plant under the International Atomic Energy Agency. With the continued amount of radiation being leaked, there are fears that Japan'…
Japan’s 7.4 Aftershock VIDEO
Japan is still feeling aftershocks from the massive earthquake nearly a month ago. Early this morning an aftershock measured at 7.4 was shaking much of northeast Japan and here is a video of the tremor.
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Japan Looks To Extend Evacuation Zone
The crises in Japan continues with focus on the Nuclear Plant in Fukushima. Monitoring the seawater's level of radioactive material, officials are debating whether to extend the danger zone to a 25 mile radius.
Japan’s Ongoing Nuclear Disastor, And U.S. Aid
Japan is still in the early stages of dealing with the crises of the earthquake and the nuclear powerplant melt down. The officials are exploring the plan of putting a protective tarp over the failing reactors and pumping the contaminated water into a barge to be safely removed. Watch this video of …
Bozeman Raises $13,000 for Japan
Bozeman's community (you guys!) raised over $13,000 in relief money for Japan this past Saturday with a food drive at I-Ho's Korean Grill. Noriko Ishibashi, I-Ho  Pomeroy, Ted Watanabe, and Masaki Uchida were the organizers of the food sale.
Japan’s Radiation Levels On The Citizen Level
RDTN.org is a site set up by a group of Oregonians to give average citizens the power to monitor the radiation levels in Japan. Citizens across the country are submitting their reading off of their radiation measuring devices to this website. While it relies on the accuracy of each person, the data …

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