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Biden BLM Pushing Anti-Rancher Agenda in Montana
The Biden Administration's War on the West is definitely in full swing. First, he shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline and targeted oil and gas drilling on federal lands. Then, he re-launched the Waters of the US regulations. And now the Biden BLM is playing dirty with their anti-rancher agenda i…
Great Falls Fire’s 1st Female Officer Sworn In
"I'm super grateful and humbled by the opportunity, but I also don't want to overplay it. We have a bunch of amazing guys on our department who have done the same thing and been in the same place...they deserve just as much credit for being in the positions they are as I do."
Aw Shucks: California Bans Travel to Montana
Well we sure saved a whole bunch of money. Some of you wanted to build a wall to keep the Californians out of Montana. Turns out all we had to do was pass a bill protecting women's sports, and now California is banning travel to Montana.

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