You see what just happened in New York City? Hold Jon Tester accountable for the destruction he and his party is causing in America. That was my reaction Thursday when this Soviet-style show trial against President Trump came to a head.

Leave it to our Air Force veteran friend Evan in Belt, Montana to sum up the thoughts of our strong Montana majority when it comes to the rigged verdict against President Trump.

Here's the message that came in on our app early Friday morning from Evan.

Evan in Belt, MT: "An old cowboy once told me- never spur your horse when your boots aren't in the stirrups, or you will likely end up with your boots in the air, your buckle in your mouth, and your ass in a pile of Schiff. I believe that is what the liberal left has just accomplished with the verdict from this Soviet style show trial. My thoughts are: don't count your chickens before they're hatched, our Flag is still flying, our resilience is still there, and November is coming."

Here was another reaction I threw out there on Thursday shortly after this sham of a verdict came out. "The lawfare used against Trump? We've seen it used against ag/oil/gas/coal/timber. Trump just exposed what was already there."




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