The headline that got the national attention was how Navy SEAL veteran and veteran entrepreneur Tim Sheehy called out liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) for basically operating like "New York's 3rd senator" and being a lapdog for Chuck Schumer.

Here was the headline, and the story, from Breitbart News: "Exclusive–Montana GOP Senate Candidate Tim Sheehy Slams Democrat Jon Tester"

But here's what stood out to me from this Breitbart News interview with Montana Republican US Senate candidate Tim Sheehy: the way Tim summed up the COVID craziness and how this gives us an insight into the Democrat Party's agenda for America.

Sheehy also had a great line how "Bidenomics" rhymes with "bad economics."

Tim Sheehy: What we've seen the last three years, is really,  the Democrat party's policies laid bare. What COVID did for us, as a nation, was it made it crystal clear what the Democrats want out of- in their utopia, in their perfect world, when they had complete control with their emergency powers-we saw what they wanted. They wanted to control what, when, where you kids went to school, what they learned in school, what you put in your body, whether you could go to work or not, whether you are an essential worker or not....and it showed us when you give them ultimate control what they're going to do with it. And at the end of the day, that's more government, not less.That's more control, not less.

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