He's technically "on vacation." Well, he's on vacation from the radio show anyway. But he couldn't help but call in to the radio station while he was out checking on cows.

Paul Mushaben sounded off against a proposed city and county government review on Thursday morning. Paul is one of "The Breakfast Flakes" on Cat Country in Billings. He and his sidekick Mark Wilson have been on the air for over 36 years in Billings.

Paul was listening in to our statewide radio talk show, Montana Talks with Aaron Flint, as a listener in Whitefish asked what these city and county government review questions on everyone's absentee ballots are all about.

It is a question that is also facing voters in Billings and for Yellowstone County.

Paul Mushaben: "Keep your damn hands out of my wallet. Alright. That's number one. You don't need to spend a half a million dollars to review our types of government. And number two, what kind of consulting firm are they going to hire to review the government? I mean, how many liberal whack jobs could be on that? We don't know that. And number three, here's the big one: the Billings Chamber and these other people that want to do this- they just sold a Charles Bair painting for $350,000 and then they use the money for a diversity and inclusion training. Use that money to study your government and keep your hands out of the wallet of me and everybody else listening. You don't need a half million bucks to review whether your government's efficient or not.

Here's part of the audio: 

Full audio can be found on our "On Demand" page. Paul called in towards the end of the 8a hour podcast on Thursday. 



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