Summer is here, and many Montanans are frantically searching for ways to stay cool and beat the heat. Montana is full of excellent options for staying cool. There are tons of rivers, lakes, and reservoirs in the state. So, where is the best swimming hole in Montana?

Discover the Best Swimming Hole in Montana

Thankfully, temperatures in Montana are much cooler than many places during the summer months, but that doesn't mean it doesn't get hot. There are great places to swim all over Montana, but the best swimming hole is in southwestern Montana near Bozeman.

Summer Vibes

Outdoors Wire released a list of the best swimming holes in every state, and Hyalite Reservoir was selected as Montana's best place to go swimming. Hyalite is a short 45-minute drive from Bozeman and a popular place to hang out during the summer. In addition to the reservoir, there are several hiking trails where you can escape the crowds. Hyalite Reservoir is located at northern end of the Gallatin Range, and it's the main water source for residents of Bozeman.

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The Interesting History of Hyalite Reservoir

The reservoir was filled for the first time in 1951 following the completion of Hyalite Dam. The dam was reconstructed in 1993. According to Friends of Hyalite, Hyalite Canyon gets its name from Hyalite Opal. Hyalite Opal is a clear glassy mineral that looks like a coating of bubbly glass on the rocks. To learn more about the history of Hyalite Reservoir, click here.

Hyalite Reservoir

Each summer thousands of people flock to Hyalite Reservoir for a variety of outdoor activities. If you're looking for a great place to go swimming, it's one of the best spots in Montana.

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