Montana is making national headlines once again. A charming small town in the state was named one of the best mountain towns in America. The secret is out and the debate has finally been settled. Here's the mountain town that was picked as the best in the state.

Small Montana Town Makes List of America's Best Mountain Towns

Some towns and cities in Montana get more attention than others. There are a lot of places in the state that manage to fly under the radar and stay out of the national spotlight. If you ask almost any Montana resident, they'll tell you that the state gets enough attention, and there's no need in advertising our beautiful state.

Rodeo / Livingston Roundup

Thrillist recently released an updated list of the best mountain towns in the country for 2024, and a beautiful town in Montana was included on the list. It's quite the honor, considering only 15 towns were mentions.

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So, what is Montana's best mountain town? Before we tell you the answer, here's a handy survival guide if you plan on visiting any small town in the state.

Small Town Survival Guide: 5 Things to Avoid in Montana

Here are some things you shouldn't do in a small town in Montana.

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What is the Best Mountain Town in Montana?


Montana is full of beautiful mountain towns, so picking the best is no easy task. Livingston, Montana was named one of America's best mountain towns. Here's what Thrillist said about the small town just east of Bozeman.

Further proof that it’s always a good idea to take mountain town advice from Kevin Costner, this Yellowstone-adjacent town of 8,000—which aptly serves as part of the backdrop for the Yellowstone series—exists at the intersection of rustic western mystique and artistic expression.

We love Livingston and all of its small-town charm. Click here to check out a full list of the best mountain towns in America.

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