As a fan of Costco, I love walking through the store. The joke in our house is that if my wife lets me go to Costco alone, I buy things that we don't necessarily need, but I'm sorry, who doesn't love a 10-pound chocolate and peanut butter pie?

Costco is famous for a few things, including their take-out pizza and 1.50 hotdogs, however, some Costco stores have added something new to the food court area and it will be interesting to see if it takes place at the Montana Costco locations.

If it does, it could be a game-changer for fans of this popular dish.

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Yahoo News and The Today Show are reporting that Costco is looking to add fresh sushi to their food court areas.

The Washington-based company added a fresh sushi bar to its Issaquah location last year, it was the first location in the continental United States. According to the report, the sushi bar has been popular in the companies' Asian and Hawaii stores for some time now, but the company is looking to expand that success into more markets in the lower 48.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Would Montanans embrace this?

I would think so. Sushi is popular across the state with several restaurants and grocery stores selling it in their fresh food areas, a sushi bar at a food court could be a winning idea for the retail giant. Plus, with Montana so close to Washington, it would make sense from a logistics standpoint.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

While there doesn't seem to be a timetable for if and when the Montana Costco locations will serve fresh sushi, it's something to watch for in the coming months.

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