There’s a new disposal and recycling company in town and they are already doing their part to help the community in a very unique way. Grizzly Disposal and Recycling have teamed up with Chicks n Chaps to spread awareness about breast cancer and to raise money to support local community members. Chicks n Chaps Development Director Kirsten Cooper explains what this is all about. 

“We have teamed up with Grizzly Disposal to raise money for individuals in the community impacted by breast cancer,” Cooper said. “When you sign up with them, if you choose to get a pink cart, you’ll do an extra $10 donation per quarter. So that is $40 a year that will go directly to Chicks n Chaps. Then every month, for every pink cart that is on the street, Grizzly Disposal is donating another $5 for Chicks n Chaps. All of that money will go into a pool to be able to help individuals in Western Montana with breast cancer.” 

According to Cooper, Chicks n Chaps is currently in 15 different states and there are a variety of fundraising efforts going on. 

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“All of the fundraisers keep the money that they raise,” Cooper said. “They either write checks directly to individuals or to hospital foundations that help with breast cancer. We have, collectively, donated back to communities over $2 million.” 

Cooper said the Montana Chicks n Chaps license plate has been a huge help when it comes to providing funding for those in need. 

“Literally, every person in Montana that has asked for assistance from us, we have been able to help,” Cooper said. “We haven’t had to turn a single person away because of that license plate income. Just last week, the last check we sent was for $6,000 and it put us over $300,000 given. We introduced our license plate at the end of 2017. So basically from 2018 to now, we’ve given over $300,000 to Montanans with breast cancer, which feels pretty great.” 

If you’re interested in ordering one of the new pink garbage cans, call Grizzly Disposal at 406-541-7171. 

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