If you listen to my daily radio show, Dominick In The Morning, you know I have been talking about getting dental surgery. As the time grew closer I worried I might die. I had to get my affairs in order. Sort of put together a last will and testament. My listeners and I were subject to me trying to figure out who gets what.

I make it clear, if I died ... I would leave my radio show to Tom Egelhoff but he could not change the name of the show. It would be Dominick In The Morning with Tom Egelhoff. Sally, my loyal producer, would get my headphones. I was leaving my beloved cat, Black Cat to someone at the station who promised me she would get a great new home, preferably an Italian family with no children.

With everything in order, I headed to the dentist. I was going to be knocked out, so I was told to have a friend drive me there and pick me up.

The nurse gave me a pill, one little pill, and the next thing I knew I was home, it was over. I was not dead.

While at home, I was told as I was passed out that my cat sat guard making sure no one got too close to me.

When I saw the picture today, I was in shock. Blood was on my face and my eyes were rolling in my head.

I like to share everything with my listeners, but I looked too ugly, I could not imagine showing anyone the picture. After thinking about itlong and hard, I could not let people see me this ugly, but I owed it to everyone who has been following me this month with my dental drama to provide them with a visual image of my experience. I realized, I AM ALIVE. I DIDN'T DIE.








Thank you for your well wishes and prayers. I can't believe I am posting this, but I love my audience. Here is the picture and please be kind.