Tim Osen, at 12 years old, told his parents he thought he was gay.

On my show today, Dominick In The Morning, Osen talked about what happened after he told his parents. They called an exorcist and had an exorcism. When that didn't work they sent him to a therapist where for months he tried to turn him straight.

Osen prayed and prayed for God to turn him straight. He wanted to be normal. After years of hating what he was, he accepted himself. He announced to his parents he was not going to keep trying to turn straight. They threw him out of the house.

Today he is a student at MSU and a member of the Queer Straight Alliance.
He talked about being gay in Bozeman and how it wasn't really that bad. He said at MSU most of the other students are pretty much accepting.

The 6-foot-4 college student took questions from my listeners. He explained the use of the word "queer." He said gay, bi, lesbians are all "queer," meaning different.

Osen talked openly about being effeminate. I didn't want to mention it, but I explained the first time he walked into my studio I knew he was gay.

Listeners, wanted to know about what he thought about the gay pride parades that we had in Billings last week. Osen explained it was a way for gays to feel accepted. While I disagreed with some of his views, we were able to talk about it.

I am against gay marriage; Osen is for it. Osen is for gay adoption; I am against it. If a child could go to a heterosexual couple, that would be my first choice.

Tomorrow I will have a group on the show that opposes gay rights. I am really proud I can let all sides of an issue come on Dominick On The Air and express their views.




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