Today Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke voted for a bill that would bolster Congressional oversight over Iran sanctions, block the President from lifting sanctions on individuals or banks that engage with terrorist groups, and increase transparency measures in the Iran Nuclear Deal.

“I know the danger Iran poses to the United States because I was a Commander in Iraq when their IEDs were killing our men and women,” said Rep. Zinke. “I have long warned of the dangers Iran poses that stretch beyond nuclear weapons. Iran is maneuvering in Iraq, they captured U.S. Navy Sailors under very suspicious circumstances, and in the last four months alone the Iranian regime has illegally test-fired two intercontinental ballistic missiles, despite the fact that such activity explicitly violates two United Nations Security Council resolutions."

Under the Iran nuclear agreement, the Obama Administration agreed to lift sanctions on a significant number of specific individuals, companies, and banks, some of which may be engaged in Iran’s support for terrorism and its ballistic missile program.