Starting the year off right, Republicans are pledging to watch Obama's every move and allowing you to as well. With a newly created Youtube channel you will be able to watch every hearing. They are hoping to shine the light on the administration for all the country to see. I have one concern, what are they hoping to prove?

It seems the republicans are more concerned with highlighting flaws found in our current government than offering help and solutions to better help the American people. Can you imagine how much someone is getting paid out there (most likely more than the average Montanan) to upload these files to Youtube? I think it's a great idea to allow every individual of the nation to watch the hearings at their leisure to further increase our knowledge and understanding of what exactly happens on Capitol Hill, but the videos will have a week's delay. I think this is the perfect amount of time for right wing media to hype up the videos and persuade viewers of an opinion before ever actually watching.

Putting a video on Youtube should never take a week. Seems a bit curious to me.

I've always thought that a news source's main objective was to take good relevant content and quickly informing the public in an unbiased way. Seeing how this is hard to come by these days, I support the Youtube channel proposed candid insight. But even though I say that, I'm not sure who will watch.

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, announced Wednesday that every hearing the panel has conducted since 2009 will be made available on YouTube.

"No congressional committee has done this before," Issa said in a YouTube video making the announcement. "Going forward we'll keep sharing high quality videos of tough oversight work. Under Speaker John Boehner, transparency through technology will be crucial to shaping a government that does more with less."

"Active citizen-watchdogs, armed with the raw material of Washington, will help today's new Congress deliver tomorrow's more efficient, more effective American government," he added.