OK, maybe YOU are but many people are tossing things into the bins that absolutely SHOULD NOT go in the mix. We've made a simple visual of what's right and what's wrong. Pass it on!

All of us who spend the time to recycle in Bozeman have a healthy number of drop off locations, which is a great thing.

  • Those plastic bags that you put all your beer cans in are a definite no-no.
  • They need to be recycled entirely separately.
  • You'll find collection boxes at most grocery stores.
Recycling - Steel/Aluminum

When it comes to the can bin, absolutely NO SCRAP METAL should be recycled. Keep it basic.

Recycling - Plastic

When it comes to plastic, the plastic bags are obviously a "NO" but something else that shouldn't go in there are the "clamshell" plastic containers that you might find at a deli salad counter.

Recycling - Paper

Brown grocery bags are NOT to be thrown in with the paper.....

Recycling Locations around Bozeman