You read the title correctly. A piece of powerful technology, the Moto X, that will be made right here in the United States is soon to be released! Inside are my reasons for why this phone could take a knockout punch to Apple's iPhone.

  1. It's made in America - Many people across the country have voiced their concerns for creating jobs and lowering the unemployment rate. This phone has 2,200 workers in Fort Worth, Texas building the phones rather than outsourcing like Apple does.
  2. The screen is 4.7 inches - compared to the iPhone's 4 inch display
  3. It's powered by Google - The Moto X is the first phone worked on from start to finish by Google. This will guarantee it receives very quick updates to the operating system when new builds are released. And instead of forcing you to buy a new phone as Apple has proven to do time and time again, Android phones simply update to the latest version for free!
  4. It's beautiful and customizable - Buyers will be able to choose a color for the back of the phone and a color for the front trim. The back plate is reported to be Kevlar built for durability and grip.
  5. It will be available on major networks. The official announcement has yet to be made but they are saying it will be on the nations biggest networks.
  6. And finally, Google is working to get internet everywhere in the world
More info will be released today about the Moto X at a conference in New York so stay tuned!