Governors from eight Western states have collaborated to issue a multi-state Wildfire Awareness Month Proclamation.  Throughout the month of May, Montanans are encouraged to participate in wildfire preparedness activities.

“Montanans are once again reminded of the fire prone landscape where we live, work, and play. Wildfire Awareness Month should serve as an encouragement to us that when individuals and communities are prepared for wildfires, we can increase safety,” said Governor Steve Bullock. “I encourage Montanans to take preparedness actions during the month of May and beyond to reduce the risk to our homes and communities.”

Residents in areas with a potential for wildfires can lower the risk and severity of wildfires and reduce deaths, injuries and property losses through their preparedness efforts.

Here are some simple ways to prevent and prepare for wildfires:
Clean out gutters, roofs and other areas where debris has settled

  • Avoid burning on windy days and never leave a burn pile unattended
  • Maintain equipment to reduce sparks and check that trailer chains do not drag
  • Create an evacuation plan and practice the route with family members
  • Practice campfire safety by ensuring your fire is cold to the touch before leaving site
  • Ensure you have 100 feet of managed vegetation surrounding your house
  • Take action in your community by organizing a wildfire preparedness event

Wildfire Awareness Month is a collaborative effort by the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, Keep Montana Green, FireSafe Montana, and the Governor’s Office of Community Service.