WikiLeaks has posted the script online for the upcoming movie, The Fifth Estate, about the anti-secrecy website's creation and its controversial founder, Julian Assange. Also posted was a memo from WikiLeaks that calls the DreamWorks film, quote, "irresponsible, counterproductive and harmful," and offers a point-by-point rebuttal of events portrayed in it, including the suggestion that documents the site released put confidential sources in danger. The screenplay for the film, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Assange, was partly based on a book by Daniel Domscheit-Berg, an early WikiLeaks insider who had a bitter falling-out with Assange. Both the filmmakers and Cumberbatch tried to reach out to Assange during the making of the movie, but he rebuffed them. According to AP, the film, which opens next month, portrays Assange as, quote, "a visionary with democratic ideals for information and altruistic motives for whistleblowers, but also as a lying, reckless revolutionary."