Founder, Julian Assange, attempts to fight back against death threats and criminal allegations toward him and his family by threatening the release of his entirety of stolen documents if he is forced to go on trial over sex crime allegations in Sweden. While he has censored the documents in the past releases to protect the names and locations of specific people, Assange seems to be getting more aggressive in his approach as his worldwide notoriety continues to grow.

The 1.3-gigabyte file, distributed through file-sharing services this summer and protected with an unbreakable 256-bit encryption key, contains full versions of all the U.S. documents received by WikiLeaks to date – including those that have been withheld from publication or have had names and details removed in order to protect the lives of spies, sources and soldiers.

Mr. Assange’s lawyer Mark Stephens warned that if Mr. Assange were to be brought to trial on rape accusations he faces in Sweden, or for treason charges that have been suggested by U.S. politicians, he would release the encryption key. The tens of thousands of people who have downloaded the file would instantly have access to the names, addresses and details contained in the file.

via WikiLeaks founder threatens to release entire cache of unfiltered files - The Globe and Mail.