Anyone who has flown commercially knows the instructions the flight attendants give prior to take off. The main emphasis is on the oxygen mask. In the event of depressurization, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling and they demonstrate how to securely fasten it over your mouth. I've always wondered just how important the oxygen mask really is.

After watching this video I quickly realized why it is a very good idea to put that mask on as soon as possible. 

It is very important to help yourself first when putting on the mask because if you have any comprehension to be able to do so, you will only maintain that comprehension if you have an oxygen supply. You will soon begin to suffer from Hypoxia - lack of oxygen adequate to sustain life with symptoms of dizziness, shortness of breath, and mental confusion. The scariest part of the video above is that the tester was not able to realize the danger or necessity to survive. He was euphoric and completely apathetic.

Luckily I've never had to use an oxygen mask on a flight but I'm glad I now understand the emergency of the matter. It also made me wonder how many other air travel passengers were curious.

Let us know in the comments below if you have ever had to wear an oxygen mask while on a commercial flight.