I agree with the State GOP elected officials, when they say it seems a little suspicious that the Governor is trying to ram this through so fast before he is out of office this year.

He says it will save the state money, I'd like to see the numbers.

According to AP here is the story:

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Republican legislative leaders say they're looking for ways they could delay or block the governor's proposal for a health care clinic for 11,000 state employees in Helena.

House Speaker Mike Milburn of Cascade and Senate President Jim Peterson of Buffalo tell Lee Newspapers of Montana that they've talked with legislative legal staff about options, including legal action or a special legislative session. Milburn says they feel the proposal is being put together too quickly.

Gov. Brian Schweitzer proposed the clinic in February and would like to have it running by late summer or early fall. He dismissed Republican concerns, saying his is not a new idea, but one that is used by some of the largest corporations in America to save money on health care.

PS...I bet he names it after himself!!