The first annual Whittier Wildcats Prowl Fun Run will be held this Friday October 12, 2012 to promote physical fitness and help raise money for the school. Students are collecting pledges from generous sponsors in the community. Each sponsor agrees to pledge a set dollar amount for each 1/10 mile lap the student runs. Race time is limited to 30 minutes and a maximum of 30 laps.

Whittier Elementary School is a Title 1 school where 37% of the students are below 185% of the federal poverty level and at well below the average district revenue/student for MT, Whittier is frequently in need of additional funding.

To volunteer your time please contact Lauren Oechsli at 539-2528. If you would like to make a pledge, or contribute  a flat donation please contact Jeannie Etgen at 579-6250.

Photo courtesy of Whittier School in Bozeman, Montana