Andy Kryza of has put together a short list of 'features' every 'dive bar' must have. And for the most part I agree with everything on the list.

Finding the list on the interwebs today reminded me of my last visit home for Christmas. I was to meet some old friends at my neighborhood's 'dive bar' for a beer and to catch up. When I arrived, I found my friends standing ashen faced at the end of the bar where we always sat staring at a gentleman sitting on the stool on the corner. As I moved closer I heard, "See, here he comes. Chris will straighten this out." Upon hearing that, I knew it had to be something interesting here.

Arriving at the end of the bar, I politely asked the guy on the stool if he wouldn't mind moving down. "What? Am I sitting in YOUR seat?" was his sarcastic reply. I answered, "Yes." And then explained how my grandfather, my father and I all sat on that stool when we were in the establishment. But the coup de gras was showing him the nameplate the owner put on the barstool when my grandfather passed, 'GRIFFIN'S SEAT."

That's a Dive Bar!

So what's the best Dive Bar in Bozeman?

P.S. The only thing I'd add to Andy's list is that the Cops should show up once every two months because someone did something ill advised.