Well as some of you might know, or have heard me say that I am going in for hip surgery on the 21st of August.

I went to the information seminar they had at the hospital to tell you what to expect with a total replacement surgery.

The speaker said make sure you get a front wheeled walker and put tennis balls on the back legs so it moves over uneven surfaces without catching.

On the way home after the meeting I mentioned to my wife, I wonder why they don't make the back legs of the walkers with the big round ball built on, because everyone you see has the yellow tennis balls on it.

Barb and I started talking about all the other stuff tennis balls are used for, here are a few pictures of things we found, that are NOT tennis.



















































































Some other thoughts of mine....

Target practice

Put it over your hood latch under the hood of your car to protect your head

Keep one in your car to put on top of your car antenna when you go in store to find it easy when you come out

Put between your wiper blades and windshield in the winter to keep blades from sticking to windshield