Several Bozeman area roads are underwater due to flooding, Gallatin County Emergency Manager Patrick Lonergan said This Morning.

The water is about 6-inches-deep on Mendenhall Street downtown, west of Rouse Avenue, where it intersects with Bozeman Creek. There are traffic cones up on the road, although drivers are motoring through the water anyway.Bozeman Creek is full, Lonergan said.

"It's definitely at capacity," he said. Water is also flowing over Kagy Boulevard.

"Water coming over Kagy is affecting some homes around Valley View Golf Course and some of the areas around there," Lonergan said.

Part of Kagy is closed between South Third and South Church avenues, he said.

Sourdough Canyon Road, south of town, is closed for a washout on the road.

There also is water over Nelson, Manley and Bozeman Trail roads, Lonergan said.

"It definitely has the potential to be a bad flood season, you know, we've got a lot of snowpack up in the mountains and we've had a lot of weather patterns that have been unfavorable," Lonergan said.