John Walsh, the U.S. Senate's only Iraq War veteran, is telling President Obama that he is "deeply troubled by recent allegations of severe misconduct within the Veterans Administration."

The VA's inspector general is currently investigating backlogs, long wait times and possible secret waiting lists at VA facilities.

"If the report shows wrongdoing, I will demand changes and tough accountability at the highest levels on behalf of Montana's 103,000 veterans and millions of others across this nation," Walsh wrote the President.  "You know the buck stops with you, Mr. President. Montanans are watching closely and I am committed to finding solutions that work for our veterans."

Walsh also criticized the political gamesmanship that has distracted from the investigation.

"I am also deeply troubled by politicians in Congress who say they support our veterans, then vote against the funding needed to provide them the services they deserve," Walsh wrote.  "The covenant we make with our men and women in uniform is sacred.  We trust them with our national security, and they in turn trust us to ensure they receive the benefits they’ve earned. When that covenant is violated, so is the very fabric of America."

Montana has the second most veterans per capita in the county, with over 103,000 calling Montana home.