Thoughts on the climate report that fingers humans as cause of global warming that was released last week:

Growing up in Pittsburgh in the 1970's and remembering the Steel industry even then, it was nothing like the stories people of my grandparents generation told. One visitor in that time frame recalls, "the smoke and ash filled the sky, so thick at mid-day you thought it was night."   Pittsburgh air quality was even mentioned in song:

My former hometown came to this situation in no small part of the coal-fueled steel mills. From this state, the region cleaned it's act up; in part due to regulation of air pollutants, but mainly because Germany made better steel and Japan made comparable steel cheaper, dooming the steel production in SW Pennsylvania. While the United States remains a major steel producing nation we do it in a much cleaner way.

Major steel-producing countries 2012

1. China 716.5 Mt 6 South Korea 69.1 Mt
2. Japan 107.2 Mt 7 Germany 42.7 Mt
3. United States 88.7 Mt 8 Turkey 35.9 Mt
4. India 77.6 Mt 9 Brazil 34.5 Mt
5. Russia 70.4 Mt 10 Ukraine 33.0 Mt


With the emerging economic and industrial countries of China, India, Brazil and to a lesser extent Turkey; The United States bears some responsibility to not hamper those countries industrial revolutions but to make 'clean' technologies more readily available. This would greatly assist in keeping their major industrial centers looking more like Pittsburgh today.

My overarching point being humans do impact the global climate, but we do have the resources and obligation to reduce it.