Over the past day or so this story of One World Trade Center, a.k.a. the Freedom Tower, is something I've been following. First heard by New Yorkers around the time of Hurricane Sandy, One World Trade Center produces a strange, almost orchestral sound in high-wind conditions. It has now been recorded by New Yorker Kenny Cummings who described it as 'unmistakable and very chilling.' (listen to the video below with the sound turned UP).

A co-worker, unknowing that I was watching this story, sent me the link and as I regoogled it Tuesday this story is taking a turn for the pathetic. You see I lost friends on that fateful day. I take 9/11 very personally. And when the latest development turns to people now commenting around the web, "(it's) the voices of those killed in the tragedy," I personally find it disrespectful and flat out disgusting.

The conspiracy whack jobs don't need any further fodder. Let me know what you think with a comment below.