The 113th Congress has been called the 'least productive congress ever.' Well, because it's true. Some insight as to why nothing gets done is the fact the Senate is on break and will return Monday, the House is in session but have been spending much of that time bickering along party lines and plan to call it done next Friday.

Here are just a few things that make things a little better

Budget: Remember the last government shutdown? Well, the deal that got the place open and running again expires January 15 - Let's get a deal and move forward people.
Farm Bill: This also covers food stamps, and the parties couldn't disagree more on a single issue. “The House has a big problem with able-bodied people receiving food stamps,” argued Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga., a senior Appropriations Committee member. Democrats say such aid is crucial for those who need it most. Don't hold your breath on this one clearing anytime soon
Defense: Who doesn't want to have a clear understanding of the nations defense policy? Apparently the amendment happy bunch in congress! And then there is the Iran issue; One faction backs the idea of tougher sanctions against Iran and the other backs the administrations six-month deal to ease some sanctions in exchange for limits on Iran’s nuclear program.
If the 113th can't move on any of this, we can always hope for the 114th!
What would you like to see congress act on - Comment below