There are so many questions to answer before ever taking your first college exam. Where will you go to college? What will you study? How much will it cost? To help you out a bit, here is the list of the top six majors you can study at Montana State University.

  • Architecture

    Average Annual Pay $76,750

    Or as I quickly learned in my first semester at MSU - Architorture. MSU's architecture program is known across the nation and deservedly so. There are floors in the dorms dedicated to architecture students to help promote work ethic and build relationships with fellow classmates. I enjoyed the one and only semester I took in the program but decided it just wasn't for me. The program continues to grow each year. You can see a great online magazine detailing the full undergraduate and graduate program here.

    Shawn Gold
  • Engineering

    Average Annual Pay $78,160

    There are all sorts of engineering degrees offered at MSU. Mechanical, Industrial, Computer, Electrical, Chemical, Biological, Civil, the list just goes on and on. There are acclaimed professors in each field. There is even a space program on campus. And the new and ever expanding technology on campus is quite astounding.

  • Graphic Design

    Average Annual Pay $43,500

    Our Digital Managing Editor graduated from MSU with a degree in Graphic Design and filled us in on all the details. While it was a couple of years ago that he graduated, the program is still very similar. Once you make it into the Graphic Design program, you are given an entire lab of Apple computers to learn the basics of design. In the following years you are required to purchase your own computer. One of the best parts about the program is its inclusion of fine arts as well as digital design. There is print making, lithography, metals, sculpture, ceramics, painting, drawing, and you can even make your own curriculum for a semester. The Graphic Design program even has a blog set up to highlight achievement and cool things going on in the design world.

    Many great adjunct instructors spend a semester or more at MSU teaching design while still working in the design field which gives the students great insight into the current Graphic Design industry. As seniors, the entire program goes on a trip to visit acclaimed graphic design studios in metropolitan cities such as Seattle, Portland, and Minneapolis.

  • Nursing

    Nurses Average Annual Pay $64,690 Doctors Average Annual Pay $166,400

    The nursing program is also a very acclaimed major at MSU. If you plan on studying in Montana to become a nurse or continue on to Medical School, MSU's College of Nursery is the only publicly supported, generic baccalaureate nursing program in Montana. To complete upper division course work, many students are relocated in Bozeman, Billings, Great Falls, Kalispell, and Missoula to take advantage of the major populations of these cities.

  • Education

    Average Annual Pay $51,660

    The college of Education at MSU offers degrees in elementary, secondary and technical education in the undergraduate program and Masters and Doctoral degrees in the graduate program.

    Students create lesson plans, learn how to teach to their level of students, and finish their studying with a semester of student teaching.

  • Business and Marketing

    Average Annual Pay $62,450

    Are you Looking to work in management or maybe become an entrepreneur? Do you love the NBC show Shark Tank? MSU's College of Business will provide you with all the tools necessary to manage, run, and market a company. An MSU Alum just donated $25 million to the College of Business in the last couple of months to help expand the program even more.

    For any of you who are Montana High School students, the MSU College of Business has expanded its scholarship program. The deadline to apply is February 1, 2012. They may choose over 690 applicants to receive the scholarship. The marketing program is graced by the always lively and charasmatic adjunct Instructor, Mike Gold. I heard that Mike Gold worked on Heineken's Holiday 5 Pack commercials.