The new book, “A Theory of Tax Fairness,” by Dr. J. H. Moromisato details a novel approach to taxation.

Tax rates of 99% on the top 0.001% of taxpayers, and reduced total tax rates—including SS taxes—for the 99% and below.

It also finds that accelerated accumulation of wealth by a tiny minority of the population can be identified as a type of social cancer -- The uncontrolled and inorganic growth of a group of cells, or individual members of the organism, which grow by hoarding the organism’s nutrients, eventually leading to the death of both. Unfortunately, the social cancer, as with most human cancers, has grown inextricably linked to financial and economic processes, rendering its physical removal nearly impossible.

You can read the book, for free at

Also, the argument that higher taxes on the rich can negatively affect economic growth is refuted in Dr. Moromisato’s book.

What are your thoughts, good idea - bad idea?